Emergency Care

Parkview Dental’s team is professional, understanding and supportive of all patients and will provide on-the-day service and care for anyone who books an emergency appointment.

A chipped or broken tooth can cause immense pain and if left untreated, it can affect the rest of your body. Immediate attention and care can help to lessen the pain and prevent the permanent damage or even a loss of the tooth.

Seek dental care immediatly if any of the following conditions affects you.

  • Painful tooth/toothache
  • Sensitive tooth/gums
  • Chipped/broken/loose tooth
  • Lost/knocked out tooth
  • Any bleeding gum/tooth
  • Loose/broken/missing dental crown
  • Lost filling
  • Broken veneer
  • Broken bridge
  • Broken orthodontic braces
  • Broken permanent retainer
  • Concerns after trauma/injury
  • Gum inflammation/swelling
  • Gum abscess/infection
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Broken dentures
  • Any other pain in your mouth


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